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One Happy Island : Pulaski Park (WeePOP !)

Along with Asaurus Records, the lovely London based WeePOP ! label must be the one with the cutest hand crafted packagings. And as catalog is concerned, the mini-cd label has clearly privileged quality to quantity too ! Another piece of evidence is their first 2008 release by Boston-based outfit One Happy Island, a new band we noticed several months back on Indiepages demo section...Reminiscent of Razorcuts with hillbilly hints (!) featuring squeeze box, harmonicas, ukuleles and handclaps... this will definitely sheer you up and take you to a sort of Old-West campfire popfest,  smelling Granny's green beans and lapping strawberry milk in the same time !!!


The Motifs : Matches EP (WeePOP !)

I know it's the middle of winter and there is hardly any sunlight about between those all-encompassing grey winterclouds, but listening to Melbourne's the Motifs makes me think about  spring-time or summer already. Could it be because their songs are reminiscent of a sweet spring breeze or the intricate little flowermotifs on a summerdress ? Suddenly I feel like somebody is tickling my face with a blade of grass, there's a melting ice-cream in my hand and the Motifs' singer is whispering her bittersweet lyrics into my ear ... like sweet little secrets between best friends or lovers.
Spring and summer really aren't that far away ...The Motifs released a lovely mini-cd called "matches" on the same Weepop! in December. Like the "One happy Island" EP it's limited to 120 copies too, but as it was released more than one month back, you better hurry up to make sure you can dream about summer in the middle of winter too (sorry for South-hemisphere readers huh) !


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