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Motoboy : S/T (Songs I wish I had written)

Imagine a guy -Oskar Humlebo aka Moto boy -alone on a small stage, with an enigmatic glitter imagery, free of any gender-representation, singing a poignant and languid ballad - Blue Motorbike - driven by his single black metalguitar, a bit as if Glam Rock and New Romantic had an intimate appointment at this precise moment and place ...:

This happened one week ago in Jeriko, Malmö, Sweden for the release gig of Moto boy's debut album and I really really wish I was there...And yes indeed, THE album is finally out on "Songs I wish I had written" label (Le Sport, Gentle Touch, Lovekevins...)!

First impression : Moto boy's voice is instantly engaging and I can't do anything but hanging on his every word. The initial comparison with New Romantics goes further  : from time to time, Oskar's range is very similar to Midge Ure's and first song "Young Love", the new single, is reminding me a lot of this "If I was" classic hit ...

Musically speaking, most of the songs are revealing to be achingly touching and disarmingly beautiful in their simplicity, proving the first "Blue Motorbike" single was not a "one -lost- hit wonder". Although clearly embedded in the 80's, the whole bunch is suitable for any decade...don't miss it !

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Who says : "Angels don't exist?"

Here the link to the other video in Jeriko :


He's just a fucking soprano !!

You can read his interview on the Moto Boy Addicted Fan on Myspace


An excerpt where he answers to that question : "- I wonder what you would do if you wouldn't make music?"

Oskar : "In a dream scenario, very non-realistic, I'd be living somewhere warm, maybe somewhere in the south of europe, cote azur, capri, corsica.. in a small but nice stone-villa with a view of the ocean and a private beach, and I'd write books, very beatnik, rough but sweet, semi-poetic novels, and in this dreamworld I could ride my bike into the nearest village, without being run over by a truck or getting my face full of smashed insects, and drink some great coffee and watch the ocean and talk in french or italian or whatever beautiful european language to the locals, who, of course, would refer to me as the intriguing, mysterious, fascinating and beautiful stranger living in that chateau by the sea, and they would accept me as one of them and ask me to marry their daughters, but I would reply "Im honoured, but I cant go fishing, Im already married to the ocean.." and they would laugh a short european laugh, pat me on the shoulder and make me another espresso..
So I guess my answer is I'd hope to be a writer, and be living somewhere warm where you could actually swim in the ocean without freezing to death."

ahh That's so romantic as his music. It's the best answer I ever read about that kind of question

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