Soda Fountain Rag

Soda Fountain Rag : It's Rag Time ! (Yesboyicecream)

Could we dream of a better way to start the year than having in our hands the first "proper CD" release by Norwegian bedroompop-wondergirl Soda Fountain Rag on the wonderful Yesboyicecream records (SKWBN, The Positions, Saint Thomas ? I'm talking about a "proper CD" to differentiate it from the recent cd-r releases  on Anorak, My Honey and Cloudberry even if it doesn't make any difference practically nowadays...

14 songs in exactly 30 minutes 18 seconds, with the half being "classic" inclusions from previous releases (Army of Silent Kids, Driving in your Car, Angry Girl, The Saddest Boy Again, I was reborn, Don't kill the Clowns, Everything ends...WAWWW, almost a "Greatest Hits"!) and the other half  being released for the first time on "hard support", from the joyful piano driven “The Saddest Boy in Town” to the Undertonesque “You sit and wait for Life” and from the casio-baroque  “I laugh myself to Sleep” to the thrilling indiepop anthem “Go!” 

To put it in a nutshell, if you only have to own ONE SFR essay, this is the one!!! And the incredible news is...she already has sufficient material for another album!

 => Soda Fountain Rag : "I laugh Myself to Sleep"

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