Ballads of the Cliché


Ballads of the Cliché : Evergreen (Self-released)

The charm of innocent lyrics, the charm of a whispering male voice (Bobby), the charm of a xylophone sound, the charm of Indonesian accent (Ninatika), the charm of cheap harmonies... from folky guitar ballads to upbeat jangly twee  to piano-romantic anthems, this is indeed a quite charming debut album we have here from this Indonesian 8 piece-band, caught two years ago with their "Smiley EP", almost in the same period than fellow-countrybands Mocca and Goodnight Electric. Don't expect Ballads of the Cliché to revolutionate music but expect Ballads of the Cliché to contribute breaking the ridiculously ficticious frontiers of great indiepop !

=> Get the album from Fruit Records or Apple Crumble

=> Ballads of the Cliché : "Love Parade"


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i love their songs!
maybe it sounds like acid house kings
overall they are the most solid band i ever know. their music is not describing as a calm attitude but always discuss something ridiculous e.g. porn,etc
but they're friendly guys

Écrit par : ico | 29/11/2008

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