Japanese Delights (part II)

While japanese billboard is contaminated by poor R 'n 'B and Rap stuff, some great pop stuff keeps being released :

Kyoko Fukada - kimino hitomini koishiteru : Composed by Mr Konishi (Pizzicato 5) himself for this well-known model/actress Idol, this song is a real blaster !!

Archoryme - La douce vie : Behind this new band we find Takanamo K-Taro (ex Pizzicato 5 - again) with singer Nishimura Ikuyo. They released their 2 (!!!) debut albums in the same time one week ago !

Harco - Be my Girl : Written by Harco and Hideki Kaji, this lovely song has been widely broadcasted through a TV commercial
Vanilla Beans - U love Me : Rina and Rika are cute and well-dressed ! In addition to that, they are cute and well-dressed ! Yes really !
Meg - Ok : For this single, notorious Electropop artist Meg has experienced collaboration with Nakata Yasutaka from Capsule and the result is just splendid !
Perfume - Baby Cruising Love : Their recent single "Polyrythm" was a deception but this brand new one is quite good and is already in the charts top 10 after only 1 week ! Viva Perfume !!

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Il me semblait bien que la chanson de Kyoko Fukada me disait quelque chose... En effet, Kyoko interprète cette chanson dans "Dolls" de Takeshi Kitano, film dans lequel elle joue une "idole" défigurée.
(Le film, dans mes souvenirs, est nettement moins kitsch que le clip :-)

Écrit par : Wini | 29/02/2008

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