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robotboy      Friendly Noise records from Stockholm is slowly but surely turning into a modern day equivalent of the very wonderful Les Disques de Crépuscule in my opinion. Just like that seminal Belgian independent label Friendly Noise records manages to project a strong aesthetic and stylistic (if somewhat mysterious) identity, all the while collecting the most diverse sounds from pure pop to pure art and most points in between.

     Robotboy presents the more poppy face of Friendly Noise records. His songs are the perfect meeting point between early Pet Shop Boys at their most thoughtful (think "jealousy" or "being boring") and Baxendale at their most electro hedonistic, with a little early Magnetic Fields thrown in for good measure.

     Behind the sleek Robotboy exterior beats a real human heart (for Petter Strömberg is the Robotboy) which could explain why all Robotboy songs are tinged with a slight sense of melancholia or heartbreak. Just listen to Robotboy's cover of "NITA" by the Young Marble Giants and weep (for he manages to bring out the sadness in those lyrics even more than the original - making it one of the best covers of the Young Marble Giants ever).

     For the song "les enfants terribles" (which was a free mp3 on the Friendly Noise website some time ago, but is now sadly not available anymore - let's hope it is included on a future Robotboy album) he even manages to turn into a pocket Divine Comedy, all pizzicato strings straight out of a little box."Wait another day" is another highlight sounding like a naughties version of the aforementioned "being boring" by the Pet Shop Boys.You can download most of Robotboy's songs from his myspace page, and believe me they are all little gems. Finally, another wonderful song “September” (also recently deleted from FN website) will appear on the Friendly Noise compilation that will complete the trilogy (the first compilation in the series was “Friendly People Making Noise”, the second “Are You Scared to Get Happy?” and now it's time for “Splendid Isolation”). If you like perfect pop, don't miss out on Robotboy.


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Too. Much. Good. Music. Out. There! (And not enough money or time to consume it all)

But I'm loving these electro-pop posts of late (this and the Cosy Den-related one). Right up my alley. :)

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