Bitter Cherry Jam


Koishi and Miki Nishida have been making pop music since the very early days of Shibuya-K golden era, with their respective bands Chain Letter and Cherry Honeymoon, joining in 2000 in one single unit called Cherry Letter who later became Bitter Cherry Jam. They released a total of 5 hardly available CDr EP's mostly on their own Tulip House Records

Bitter Cherry Jam is making this kind of retro pop never heard since Tot Taylor / Mari Wilson's album "Showpeople" or the Maisonettes : perfectly sparkling sing-along gems higgledy-piggledy recalling Motown sound, Julie London or Roger Nichols' soundscapes,  super-catchy  and putting a big smile on your face !!! 

headTheir song "Our brand new old-fashioned Show" has also been recently featured on the stunning Japanese Indiepop Compilation "Headstart for Happiness" released on the newly founded TKO Records. The comp also features incredible Japanese acts such as Murmur, Pitcher 56, The Caraway, Blue Marble, Flannel, Boys & Girls together or Speedy Wonder...and is really worth buying if you wanna dig into Japanese best kept indiepop secrets  !!

The next Bitter Cherry Jam release will be "The very best of Bitter Cherry Jam" that will feature a few new songs and the remaster versions of old songs from the previous CDR's and it is due at latest for the end of this year WAHOUWWWW !!!!!


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j'adore YOUR BLOG!!! i'm learning so much about INDIEPOP, which i hold close to my heart

Écrit par : Jean | 22/09/2008

dear pop... what happened to the blog? ....its genius, led me around to the discovery of some otherwise unearthed melody, im so grateful, so ahem..... you have a duty to society :)

ps, keep foraging the ground of illumination ....share it, if you can, i will look forward to the day

Écrit par : katri | 03/07/2009

hah! im funny....damned browser led me in a loop and couldnt read any new posts. I thought you were dead for months!... well hallelujah.... its the resurrection! But now im behind, but eh, its ok, i ve got nothing but time......and good music.

Écrit par : katri | 03/07/2009

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