• 80's Swedish POP icon Virna Lindt is at last having a MYSPACE TRIBUTE SITE. Stream a title and spread the news !!!
  •  La Casa Azul is candidate to represent Spain at Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with his fantastic song "La revolucion Sexual". As far as I understand, you still have 4 days to vote for the band simply by GOING TO HIS MYSPACE. Do not hesitate to go many times a day !!!! 10 bands will go to the final, to be seen on March 8 at 22.30 CET on TVE. They are second at this very moment, so keep on voting !! Could be a dream come true to see Guille making it !!!
  • The new Fosca album will be released on March 5th and is called "The painted Side of the Rocket". As the next mp3 leads to suppose, you have to expect pure pop brilliance with inspired lyrics !!! Preorder it now HERE !!! 

            ==> Fosca : "Confused and proud"

"These are the bands/artists who have donated a song to be included in 'Country Music', the tribute album to the late Keith Girdler, which will be released on Siesta Records later in the year:

St Christopher, The Wake, Pete Fijalkowski, Hal, The Clientele, Trembling Blue Stars, Biff Bang Pow!, Louis Philippe, Club 8, The Times, Would Be Goods, Love Dance, The Orchids, Aberdeen, Lovejoy and Blueboy.

Quite a line-up for all 'twee-pop' fans, I'm sure you'll agree."


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Hi I discovered Virna Lindt a few months ago. I think it's absolutely wonderful and above all very topical and always futuristic nowadays.
The "Shiver" album is a f*** masterpiece !!!
Great blog !

Écrit par : david | 28/02/2008

desde Barcelona j´attendais pendant longtemps cettes bonnes nouvelles!! Tu as un grand blog!

Écrit par : dani | 12/06/2008

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Écrit par : Olis | 28/06/2008


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