Minimilk : Sa trace silencieuse EP (Phonic Kidnapping Records)

Rémi Parson (The Sunny Street, Electrophönvintage) must be a multi-facial man, totally unsatisfied under one single identity or under a specific tag. Why indeed being the hostage of a "project", a "career" or a "musical genre" while you have a multi-layered sensibility and while your background is varying from yéyé to indie and from bossa to electro ?

Generated several years ago in a sunny kitchen of France with his mate Sébastien Llinares (Nowaki records, Electrophönvintage), Minimilk songs were not necessarily intended to be officially released one day...tiny guitar-driven bossa ditties sung in French...the kind of intimate affair that could have remained confidential till the end of times ! Happilly, like a miracle, it is now out on the newly founded Phonic Kidnaping Records. Musically speaking, simple and beautiful, as we could expect from duo's sense of songcraft, and, in addition, quite original and impressive lyrics, and that's a true revelation !!

The Minimilk EP is an autosufficient treasure in itself and, like a unique magnum opus,  it maybe doesn't need any follower...  The thing is I can't imagine Electrophönvintage releasing their new album without any song in French now...

=> Minimilk : "Un périptère"       => The EP is available at Fraction Discs


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