Minimilk : Sa trace silencieuse EP (Phonic Kidnapping Records)

Rémi Parson (The Sunny Street, Electrophönvintage) must be a multi-facial man, totally unsatisfied under one single identity or under a specific tag. Why indeed being the hostage of a "project", a "career" or a "musical genre" while you have a multi-layered sensibility and while your background is varying from yéyé to indie and from bossa to electro ?

Generated several years ago in a sunny kitchen of France with his mate Sébastien Llinares (Nowaki records, Electrophönvintage), Minimilk songs were not necessarily intended to be officially released one day...tiny guitar-driven bossa ditties sung in French...the kind of intimate affair that could have remained confidential till the end of times ! Happilly, like a miracle, it is now out on the newly founded Phonic Kidnaping Records. Musically speaking, simple and beautiful, as we could expect from duo's sense of songcraft, and, in addition, quite original and impressive lyrics, and that's a true revelation !!

The Minimilk EP is an autosufficient treasure in itself and, like a unique magnum opus,  it maybe doesn't need any follower...  The thing is I can't imagine Electrophönvintage releasing their new album without any song in French now...

=> Minimilk : "Un périptère"       => The EP is available at Fraction Discs


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  • 80's Swedish POP icon Virna Lindt is at last having a MYSPACE TRIBUTE SITE. Stream a title and spread the news !!!
  •  La Casa Azul is candidate to represent Spain at Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with his fantastic song "La revolucion Sexual". As far as I understand, you still have 4 days to vote for the band simply by GOING TO HIS MYSPACE. Do not hesitate to go many times a day !!!! 10 bands will go to the final, to be seen on March 8 at 22.30 CET on TVE. They are second at this very moment, so keep on voting !! Could be a dream come true to see Guille making it !!!
  • The new Fosca album will be released on March 5th and is called "The painted Side of the Rocket". As the next mp3 leads to suppose, you have to expect pure pop brilliance with inspired lyrics !!! Preorder it now HERE !!! 

            ==> Fosca : "Confused and proud"

"These are the bands/artists who have donated a song to be included in 'Country Music', the tribute album to the late Keith Girdler, which will be released on Siesta Records later in the year:

St Christopher, The Wake, Pete Fijalkowski, Hal, The Clientele, Trembling Blue Stars, Biff Bang Pow!, Louis Philippe, Club 8, The Times, Would Be Goods, Love Dance, The Orchids, Aberdeen, Lovejoy and Blueboy.

Quite a line-up for all 'twee-pop' fans, I'm sure you'll agree."


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Andreas Dorau & die Marinas


Seite A : Fred vom Jupiter

Seite B : Auch die Heimat ist nicht mehr Schön


When Neue Deutsche Welle austerity meets pop innocence, this gives brilliant and irresistible tunes. "Fred vom Jupiter", released in 1981, like many of early Andreas Dorau songs, is just of surpassing excellence.

It is to be noted Andreas still makes great albums nowadays !!


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Bitter Cherry Jam


Koishi and Miki Nishida have been making pop music since the very early days of Shibuya-K golden era, with their respective bands Chain Letter and Cherry Honeymoon, joining in 2000 in one single unit called Cherry Letter who later became Bitter Cherry Jam. They released a total of 5 hardly available CDr EP's mostly on their own Tulip House Records

Bitter Cherry Jam is making this kind of retro pop never heard since Tot Taylor / Mari Wilson's album "Showpeople" or the Maisonettes : perfectly sparkling sing-along gems higgledy-piggledy recalling Motown sound, Julie London or Roger Nichols' soundscapes,  super-catchy  and putting a big smile on your face !!! 

headTheir song "Our brand new old-fashioned Show" has also been recently featured on the stunning Japanese Indiepop Compilation "Headstart for Happiness" released on the newly founded TKO Records. The comp also features incredible Japanese acts such as Murmur, Pitcher 56, The Caraway, Blue Marble, Flannel, Boys & Girls together or Speedy Wonder...and is really worth buying if you wanna dig into Japanese best kept indiepop secrets  !!

The next Bitter Cherry Jam release will be "The very best of Bitter Cherry Jam" that will feature a few new songs and the remaster versions of old songs from the previous CDR's and it is due at latest for the end of this year WAHOUWWWW !!!!!


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Robotboy @ Friendly Noise

robotboy      Friendly Noise records from Stockholm is slowly but surely turning into a modern day equivalent of the very wonderful Les Disques de Crépuscule in my opinion. Just like that seminal Belgian independent label Friendly Noise records manages to project a strong aesthetic and stylistic (if somewhat mysterious) identity, all the while collecting the most diverse sounds from pure pop to pure art and most points in between.

     Robotboy presents the more poppy face of Friendly Noise records. His songs are the perfect meeting point between early Pet Shop Boys at their most thoughtful (think "jealousy" or "being boring") and Baxendale at their most electro hedonistic, with a little early Magnetic Fields thrown in for good measure.

     Behind the sleek Robotboy exterior beats a real human heart (for Petter Strömberg is the Robotboy) which could explain why all Robotboy songs are tinged with a slight sense of melancholia or heartbreak. Just listen to Robotboy's cover of "NITA" by the Young Marble Giants and weep (for he manages to bring out the sadness in those lyrics even more than the original - making it one of the best covers of the Young Marble Giants ever).

     For the song "les enfants terribles" (which was a free mp3 on the Friendly Noise website some time ago, but is now sadly not available anymore - let's hope it is included on a future Robotboy album) he even manages to turn into a pocket Divine Comedy, all pizzicato strings straight out of a little box."Wait another day" is another highlight sounding like a naughties version of the aforementioned "being boring" by the Pet Shop Boys.You can download most of Robotboy's songs from his myspace page, and believe me they are all little gems. Finally, another wonderful song “September” (also recently deleted from FN website) will appear on the Friendly Noise compilation that will complete the trilogy (the first compilation in the series was “Friendly People Making Noise”, the second “Are You Scared to Get Happy?” and now it's time for “Splendid Isolation”). If you like perfect pop, don't miss out on Robotboy.


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Elenette : Autenticitet EP + Masculinitet EP (Cosy Recordings)

Cosy Recordings are continuing to extend their unfailing musical range skills with the release of these 2 successive EP's by Stockholm-based quatuor Elenette. And this time the teleportation brings us more than 20 years back in the golden age of Synthpop, between Japan's arty sophistication and A-ha's immediate pop (the song Kärlekskomplexet sounds like a superb "Take on me"variation).

In addition to this, all-present saxophone backings are conveying a very special emotion (think a happy Tuxedomoon or a light-hearted Theatre of Hate) and the use of Swedish language on top makes all the thing sound fucking exotic ! Elenette, kings of sparkling chansonette !!


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In Embrace

Between 1982 and 1984 Cherry Red records was my favourite independent label (I know it would be much cooler to pretend Factory records was my favourite, but " I believe in truth ... though I lie a lot"). Cherry Red seemingly released a classic record every week by artists like the Monochrome Set, Felt, Ben Watt, the Marine Girls, Momus, Jane, Tracey Thorn, Eyeless In Gaza,... which have all since been recognized as such.

inembrace1However, hardly anyone ever mentions In Embrace who in my opinion recorded in "Shouting in cafés" and "This brilliant evening", two of the finest singles ever in Cherry Red records' history. In Embrace hailed from Coventry and were largely the project of one hopeless romantic called Gary Knight aided by an ever revolving band of musicians. Seldom has there been a songwriter more eloquent at putting the feelings of falling in and out of love into words than Gary Knight.

=> In Embrace : "Shouting in Cafés"


In Embrace songs are full of words about longing, secretive glances, sudden smiles, embraces in dusty bedsits, lips that should be kissed and selfdoubt and all this set to shimmering heartbreaking melodies. That Gary also had the voice of a young Edwyn Collins was an added bonus.
In Embrace songs always seemed to strike a perfect balance between melancholia and joy.One review at the time said they made the perfect tunes to make you want to gaze at raindrops running down the window. I couldn't have put it better myself.

inembrace2After "this brilliant evening" two more equally fine In Embrace singles slipped out almost unnoticed on the small independent label Glass records namely "a room upstairs" (another great romantic song) and "what's got into me" (Gary's lovelorn words set to a great dumb skanking tune reminiscent of what Saint Etienne got up to years later on their fine cover of the Field Mice's "kiss and make up") and then, just as the were supposed to release their masterpiece, an album called "songs about snogging" (a very In Embrace title - others include "your heaven scent plays hell with me"', "sun brings smiles", "chocolate for breakfast", "love among the crumbs"), there was ... nothing.
The album was never released as Glass records went bust and the producer John A. Rivers refused to let go of the mastertapes because he didn't get payed for the sessions.

Up to this day my heart still aches a little when I think that I never have heard and probably never will hear this record. It's just like a love-affair suddenly cut short ... In a way that's very apt In Embrace, their heaven sound still plays hell with me.

inembrace3ps : only a handful of In Embrace's songs (the "shouting in cafés" and "this brilliant evening" 12 inches with assorted b-sides) are available on cd ( a cherry red compilation called "a fine day and a brilliant evening" which also includes songs by Jane and Grab Grab the Haddock, no home should be without one).

We can only hope that the older Glass records stuff and the "songs about snogging" album ever see the day. Cherry Red or LTM are you listening ?! 


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