pufnstufPufnstuf original soundtrack (él)

I wish I had a magic flute...

I wish I lived in Living Island and talked to trees, flowers, candles and books...

I wish I had friends to rescue me when things get rough...

I wish I was a balloon, that a little kid let go, floating through the sky, flying free...


Produced in 1969 by Sid and Marty Krofft, H.R Pufnstuf, with its psychedelic tableau of live characters, frivolity and songs, has become a time marker for a whole generation.

This lovely soundtrack, digitally resurrected by él in 2005, was composed by cult figure Charlie Fox (Bugaloos, Barbarella). Some tunes from it have later been redone by groups such as The Murmurs and Death By Chocolate. With both its childlike and dreamlike sides, with Jack Wild's (RIP) cristalline voice, with its use of harmonica and trumpets, this is simply a pure classic pop  record that will simultaneously bring you into innocent AND contemplative moods...

=> "Pufnstuf" sung by Jack Wild 


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hi hi, nice music blog. do check mine too =) dave


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