Still Corners

stillcornersStill Corners : Remember Pepper ?  EP (Self released)

 Take some avant-garde music à la United States of America (you know, the guys who wrote "Love song for the Dead Che", later covered by Northern Picture Library), mix it with some obscure psychedelic instrumentations à la The Animated Egg (you know this long-lost project from the late 60's praised by Jarvis Cocker, known in the States as "101 Strings") and you'll get something very close to Broadcast's retro-futurist pop of course !


With this debut EP from London duo Still Corners, these basic elements have been mellowed into a shining 6-gems-ready-to-hear collection ! This unperfect -auto- production, those soundtrack samples,   those wisely used experimentations, those easy-going melodies and  Olivia's breathy vocals (closer to Birdie's Debsey Wikes - where is she now? - than to Trish Keenan) won't necessitate a devil of a time to convince you !!!

And if you're around London, you won't have any excuse to check out the band live on April 10th at the Gramaphone as opening act for the Pocketbooks and Phil Wilson (ex June Brides) !! Buy your tickets HERE !!

See you there !                                                                                            J-M

=> Still Corners : Parallels     => buy the EP HERE directly from the band       


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