Still Corners

stillcornersStill Corners : Remember Pepper ?  EP (Self released)

 Take some avant-garde music à la United States of America (you know, the guys who wrote "Love song for the Dead Che", later covered by Northern Picture Library), mix it with some obscure psychedelic instrumentations à la The Animated Egg (you know this long-lost project from the late 60's praised by Jarvis Cocker, known in the States as "101 Strings") and you'll get something very close to Broadcast's retro-futurist pop of course !


With this debut EP from London duo Still Corners, these basic elements have been mellowed into a shining 6-gems-ready-to-hear collection ! This unperfect -auto- production, those soundtrack samples,   those wisely used experimentations, those easy-going melodies and  Olivia's breathy vocals (closer to Birdie's Debsey Wikes - where is she now? - than to Trish Keenan) won't necessitate a devil of a time to convince you !!!

And if you're around London, you won't have any excuse to check out the band live on April 10th at the Gramaphone as opening act for the Pocketbooks and Phil Wilson (ex June Brides) !! Buy your tickets HERE !!

See you there !                                                                                            J-M

=> Still Corners : Parallels     => buy the EP HERE directly from the band       


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pufnstufPufnstuf original soundtrack (él)

I wish I had a magic flute...

I wish I lived in Living Island and talked to trees, flowers, candles and books...

I wish I had friends to rescue me when things get rough...

I wish I was a balloon, that a little kid let go, floating through the sky, flying free...


Produced in 1969 by Sid and Marty Krofft, H.R Pufnstuf, with its psychedelic tableau of live characters, frivolity and songs, has become a time marker for a whole generation.

This lovely soundtrack, digitally resurrected by él in 2005, was composed by cult figure Charlie Fox (Bugaloos, Barbarella). Some tunes from it have later been redone by groups such as The Murmurs and Death By Chocolate. With both its childlike and dreamlike sides, with Jack Wild's (RIP) cristalline voice, with its use of harmonica and trumpets, this is simply a pure classic pop  record that will simultaneously bring you into innocent AND contemplative moods...

=> "Pufnstuf" sung by Jack Wild 


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The Airfields (2)

airfieldscdThe Airfields : Up all Night (Humblebee)

With their "Laneways" ep the Airfields showed themselves to be masters at effortlessly combining beautiful "barbed wire" noise with tender romanticism sometimes all in the course of the same song. The songs on that ep felt like tender bruises, with their lovelorn aching vocals.

Those of you who were lucky enough to snap up a copy of their Cloudberry Records cdep "yr so wonderful" (which is now sold out) know that the "Laneways" ep was no fluke, with the track "icing sugar" showing the Airfields to be masters at their own game sounding like the lovechild of early Ride and Brighter.

Now comes their debut album "up all night" (out on humblebee recordings) and it does not disappoint (by the way all three tracks of the aforementioned Cloudberry records release are included here - phew!). It's an album that shows all the different facets of the Airfields songwriting craft and sound, taking in many different influences from the Field Mice on opening track "prisoners of our love", the "molten lava" sound of My Bloody Valentine on "never see you smile" on which the vocals are a deadringer for Kurt Ralske of Ultra Vivid Scene to the shimmering Clientele-esque tremelo guitars on the song "St. Monday", all the while remaining unmistakingly the Airfields.

In the end the album resembles nothing more than a kaleidoscope or one of those candy sticks which reveal a different coloured and flavoured layer with each lick. It is an album which throws up happy surprises with each listening and which is bound to end up a future classic. An early contender for album of the year ?!


=> "Prisoners of our Love"                                                                            Bart

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Under electric Light


Under electric Light :  After the Blue EP (Self released)

   It' starting with an Interpol-like bass/drums mid tempo maneuver but after just 15 seconds, Danny Provencher's cushy voice draws your attention...33 seconds later, the guitar enters the show, like an hypnotic bass variation...33 seconds later again, the keyboard finishes off to give the utmost perfect shape to the ultimate crowning half of the first song ... and this EP in itself is a full-time sacrament...

   Like the Radio Dept., Montreal's one-man band "Under electric Light" knows how to mash trivial components and transform them into an absolute thrill, halfway between impression and reality, between ideas and answers. Life is only beautiful with its uncertainties...

   => "Your rainy Days"    => Buy it HERE


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Moofish Catfish


Moofish Catfish : On a Sunbeam to your Heart (Cosy Den)

Where these 4 young swedish girls are coming from is not that important (it's from nowhere) and what they're meaning with this silly band name is too fastidious to explain (I don't know it). Can they sing or can they play guitar ? Don't be too much demanding please...

The 6 gems included here as funny, catchy and anarchic as...say Bearsuit... used to be and as captivating, crunchy and primal as...say Comet Gain... always will be (fingers crossed). An incommensurable surprise !!!

=> Moofish Catfish : Lightbulbs


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Sparky's Magic Piano




Sparky's Magic Piano : Feel the Beat and Do it Anyway (Autoproduced) + Like Falling in Lo*e 3" EP (Cloudberry)

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Theoretical Girl (2)

theoreticalTheoretical Girl : The Hypocrite 7" (XL)

Finding an artist simultaneously praised by Nu-fluokids and indiepopkids will lead you to the fascinating solo project of dark-eyelined Amy Eleanor Turnnidge aka Theoretical Girl.

Her third -long delayed- single, "The Hypocrite" (already sold out)  is indeed into the same dancing vein vs distorted guitars than "It's all too much" and "Red Mist" and is absolutely brilliant ! But take care, some cool, sweet and gentle sounds can be found on her Myspace site too ! The debut album is on its way but no signature announced yet...

=> The Hypocrite


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