pocketbooksPocketbooks : Waking Up EP (Make Do and Mend)

The first track I ever heard from Pocketbooks was "The First World Record" on the HDIF "Kids at the Club" compilation and I must say it didn't make much of an impact on me, lost in between other compilation highlights (and God remembers how numerous they were...)

Retrospectively though, I must say the song WAS part of the comp' highlights and was already showing some good clues on  Andy Hudson's writing skills : twirling piano gimmicks, short tempo changes, semi-tortuous verses vs  enchanting sing-a-long chorus...    

Two years later and after another promising 7" on Atomic Beat, the band has enriched its line-up with some...kids from the club... and is evolving over and over, leaving the early DIY clothing to a more developped sound decorum, a full 5-piece line-up and the sweetest boy/girl harmonies (Emma and Andy's voices do fit particularly well !). Again, this new EP has taken some time to grow on me, which, in this specific case, is a testimony of its asset and intrinsic masked beauty. Go pick it up HERE !


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the second song is fantastic!!!

Écrit par : meltorm | 02/04/2008

I love that band !

Écrit par : lyle | 04/04/2008

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