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Pas Chic Chic ! : Au contraire (Semprini Records

I've already said how captivating the debut 7" from Montreal band Pas Chic chic ! was, and having a full length debut announced could prove to be a difficult curve to handle... Thanks Lucifer they negotiated this in the ideal way !!!

Defining the musical vs lyrical identity of Pas Chic Chic ! on the basis of those 10 songs is rather difficult as it is totally unique ... I'd say take the motorik feel of the rythm of Neu!, the semi alienated/semi genius side of Tom Zé music, the playful Bruce Haack analogic experiences  added with Serge Gainsbourg's double meanings,   and you won't be far from the truth...

I already hear some people (especially francophones) say they're snobbish, mannered, pedantic or obscure...F**k no, they're just f*****g BRILLIANT !!!



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Sounds ¨F*****G brilliant indeed !! Where can we get this ?

Écrit par : Jaime | 06/04/2008

For the time being:


Écrit par : Edgar | 08/04/2008

PCC I saw them live last week in Montreal for the CD launch concert, very good show. It was a good bit different from the CD, some freeform and improvisation and a couple of stereolabish aural tangents. But ultimately they're more of a studio band, many of their members are not all that comfortable onstage (particularly Marie-Douce).

They're not snobbish or pedantic, if anything they're a bit shy. They're also a bit against the grain, the grain being local acts like Malajube, acts that ironically have a lot more pretense about them.

It's an excellent CD and concert. I think it could be available outside of Canada soon, as they will be touring.

Thanks for the blog, I think it's the best one about new and recent music out there.

Écrit par : Citadin | 09/04/2008

This is one of the greatest albums I've heard in years. Creative, magical, refreshing...just perfect!

Écrit par : Helene | 30/07/2008

http://www.myspace.com/paschicchic Thanks for the kind words Jean-Michel (et Bart). Stumbled upon your site a while ago and it is nice to have the opportunity to see our music reviewed here. The record should be out through Cargo on your side on the Atlantic very soon (on LP as well).

We are also hoping to make it to Belgium, France and neighboring countries in the fall. perhaps we will meet some of you there. And if you have any recommendations and suggestions to help bring this tour together send us an email - that would be amazing. and keep up the super good work with the blog. - cheers

Écrit par : Eric | 29/08/2008

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