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action01Action Biker : Hesperian Puisto (Friendly Noise)

Difficult to describe the bonfire that burned inside  me after hearing the first 2 songs of this newly released debut album by long time fave bedroom electropop wonder Action Biker. The kind of feeling you have when you understand your humble expectations will be far more than fulfilled, when you understand you gonna be blown away.

Fine, why not mentionning a few songs now ? "Love for Sure" has exactly that same unconventional and juicy effect as a Bad Dream Fancy Dress song and Sarah's auto-superposed voice is still reinforcing this parallel with Cally & Katz."Refridgerator" just has this little "moog" thing that transforms a common electropop tune into a top notch heady anthem and "Hesperian Puisto" is nothing less than a modern "I'm in love with a German Film Star". On "A fight" Sarah strangely reminds me the phantom of Isabelle Antena. Furthermore, the principle of adding some well-placed short "filler songs" (nearly 1 on 2)  gives an additional pleasant relief to the whole bunch...Who said "Colossal Youth" ?

The production has also maturated a bit in respect to the first EP's and compilation songs, it is smooth, clean-cut, with some occasional light-ambient textures of the best effect !


=> Buy the album HERE (along with the great new Splendid Isolation comp) and, if not convinced yet, have a look at this great Digfi session video with 3 songs from the album  :

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