Kuryakin : "Fought a War EP" (Fastcut) + "Still Here EP"& "Onie 7"" (Shelflife)

Just when you think the well of great new Swedish bands must have dried up, another one comes along. Actually, that's not quite correct as far as Kuryakin (named after a character from the 60's spy series the man from U.N.C.L.E) is concerned, as they have been going since 2003 when Petter Gjöres and Johan Norberg began making music together in Uppsala and Kuryakin songs have been floating around on the internet for some time since then.

In 2006 their lovely twinkly cover of the Electric Prunes "Onie", sounding like Simon and Garfunkel produced by Saint Etienne, ended up on Friendly Noise records compilation "Are you scared to get happy". And now finally Kuryakin get round to releasing some records of their own.

They've just released the "Fought a war" EP on the Japanese Fastcut label and a 7"+CDEP on the revitalised Shelflife records is to follow. "Fought a war" itself sounds like the Kings of Convenience at their loveliest (think "Toxic girl") but the real gem is hidden on the b-side (actually, isn't it a bit cheeky to call something an ep, when there is only one A and B side ?) in the song called "rain", which could hold it's head up high in the company of that superior debut album "Here comes the future" by the Honeydrips of last year.  As for what we’ve heard from the Shelflife issue so far, in addition to the above-mentioned “Rain” and “Onie”, “Take My Hands” sounds like a bright mixture of Radio Dept and the Avalanches while “A parade” and “Snow” are respectively true to Postal Service and Plastic Operator best efforts…   No small recommendation I should think ! 


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