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carlottiBarbara Carlotti : L'idéal (Beggars / 4AD)

For sure, Barbara Carlotti has a very unique place under the sun of 4AD catalog and seing her standing besides the likes of Blonde Redhead and...Scott Walker is quite an hallucinating affair...

For this second full-length, the list of collaborations is  again at the cutting edge, a sort of golden rule for the French demoiselle, especially on the musical point of view : Jean-Philippe Verdin (Readymade FC) at production and keyboards, Mehdi Zannad (from the lovely Fugu) for strings arrangements, Bertrand Belin or Patrick Watson as special guest singers, just to name a few... 

A very charming essay again, full of ease and elegance, a bit old-fashioned (but with less 60's accents than on the former "Les Lys Brisés"), an invitation to cry and to smile...Before being a melodist, Barbara is a song-craftswoman...Before being a singer, Barbara is an interpreter... And before being a lyricist, Barbara is a poet.

=> Barbara Carlotti : "L'idéal"


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Me *heart* your blog... So many pretty songs! :)

Écrit par : Eliza K. | 15/05/2008

Barbara's interview Je viens de lire une très bonne interview de Barbara Carlotti sur le site de lalalala.org que je ne connaissais pas non plus et que j'ai découvert dans votre page de liens. merci.

Écrit par : Fabien | 13/06/2008

love her

Écrit par : rfish | 04/07/2008

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