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movingV/A : Moving Soundtracks (LTM Recordings)

After "Ghosts of Christmas Past", "From Brussels with Love" and "The Fruit of the original Sin", this CD reissue is closing down the magical square of LTM - expanded and enhanced- rehabilitations  of classic Crépuscule vynil compilations.

The distinctiveness of "Moving Soundtracks" lies in many aspects :

- it mainly gathers cover versions of  movie tracks played by label and non-label artists (Paul Haig,  Wim Mertens, Antena, Virna Lindt, Jean-Paul Goude & Virginia Astley, Blaine L Reininger...) . In this regard, it can be considered as the most "accessible" and most ecclectic Crépuscule compilation.

- originally commissioned by Michel Duval for Les Disques du Crépuscule in 1983, it never was released as a vinyl in its original version. It only reappeared 8 years later in the form of a CD release, expanded for the first time with several more recent covers like "The Experiment in Terror" by La Muerte or "Arabesque" by full-time reprise band The Wayfarers, both originally written by Henry Mancini.

- although he could not keep the original  Ennio Morricone and Cabaret Voltaire tracks on this LTM reedition (for copyright reasons I guess), James Nice got some bright ideas for this "second generation" expansion, adding great songs like Tot Taylor's original "Blowproof", Thick Pigeon's "Moon River",  and an amazing cover of "You only live twice" by obscure French band Cosey Corner (who recorded  an unreleased album on Crépuscule, produced by Steven Brown)

=> Buy the CD at www.amazon.co.uk or at www.darla.com

=> The Dream Makers : "La Chanson d'Hélène"  (Philippe Sarde/Jean-Loup Dabadie) from the 1970 Claude Sautet's film "Les Choses de la vie"

The Dream Makers were Virginia Astley and Jean-Paul Goude with Blaine L. Reininger on violin. I also love Marina Céleste version of this song on her "Cinéma enchanté" album released  in Japan with Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) in 2006 :

=> Marina Céleste : "La Chanson d' Hélène"


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Écrit par : Mark K | 20/05/2008

Ce qui est surprenant, c'est que la pochette est la meme qu'une compilation vinyle du crépuscule, sur laquelle on trouvait le premier morceau de Thick Pigeon et un inédit de Cabaret Voltaire...

Écrit par : David Le Simple | 22/05/2008

Oui, cette pochette de Michel Duval est sortie pour la première fois en 86 sur la compil State of Excitement, où était déjà incluse aussi la version des Persuaders par Paul Haig.

Écrit par : JM | 22/05/2008

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