Arthur and Martha


Arthur and Martha : Autovia EP (Happy Robots Recordings)

Nobody was more surprised then me when Saloon disbanded a few years ago. The band were surely at their pinnacle, with a superior second album "If we'll meet in the future" under their belt and a number one in John Peel's festive fifty.

But not to worry, as here comes Arthur and Martha, a duo formed by former Saloon member Adam Cresswell together with Alice Hubley and their simply divine electropop debut "autovia". They describe themselves as Gilbert and George disguised as the Carpenters stealing the hits of Kraftwerk and I couldn't have put it much better.

"Autovia" is a gorgeous, glistening, gliding electropop beauty which calls to mind "Isi" by Neu or "Deluxe (immer weider)" by Harmonia covered by the Pet Shop Boys.The lyrics go "autovia, take me anywhere but far from here" and I could just imagine myself driving away to the end of the world while this song is being played on an endless loop. Pure electro bliss for happy robots. It must also be one of the most well-dressed singles of recent times, with the wonderful sleeve design recalling Peter Saville at his best.


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