Emerging from the Montreal francophone electropop scene nowadays is quite easier when you play light parodic eurodance à la Numéro# than dark visionary wave-pop.

With his Philip Oakey look, his analogic keyboards and his   true-to-life pessimist stories,  Xavier Paradis, aka Automelodi, is definitely closer to the second category.

Formerly known as Arnaud Lazlaud and later as Echo-Kitty, playing since the mid 90's, Xavier released a debut album "Savonchanté" in 2005, including some thrilling anthems like the robotic "Fran Kubilik" or the dance-floor killer "Danielechtaire" in the purest Neue Deutshe Welle and Fad Gadget styles.

In the meantime, he also produced the highly acclaimed 2007 album "L'amour et l'occident" from Plaza Musique, which must be one of the best pop objects coming from Canada lately.

Now the Automelodi identity has surfaced, it's getting more and more obvious Mr Paradis' pop-songwritings' excellence can no longer lie hidden. Listening to "Schéma corporel" (body music in form and in content)   or the half electro/half guitar "Buanderie Jazz" won't take a lot of a time to convert you, hopefully...


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Wow, Automelodi is fantastic! I love "Buanderie Jazz", reminds me a lot of early Indochine.

Écrit par : Peter | 25/08/2008

AUTOMELODI IS GENIAL i looove Automelodi

Écrit par : Rom | 02/02/2009

I always knew that cold wave never dies!

Écrit par : leblie | 07/09/2010

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