Marsh-Marigold 20th Anniversary

MM_Festival_FlyerThroughout the years, Hamburg label Marsh-Marigold has embellished indiepop fans' life. From the early Jesterbells days to the -young- Acid House Kings connection, from the seminal German bands Legendary Bang, Die Fünf Freunde and Busch to the French-related outfits Caramel and Mumbly, they've been truly imaginative dicoverers and an example to follow for all indie labels, all over the world, since exactly two decades now.

Long before the appearance of many Spanish and Swedish follower- labels, Marsh Marigold has been the first to prove that continental-Europe pop, sung in English, German or French had not to suffer any comparison with US and UK's, as far as guitar pop was concerned.

In this respect, their latest 2007 releases Cats on Fire, Love Dance and  This Year's Model, are just the most perfect triangle of albums released lately on a single label.

Now it's time to celebrate this, and with the  line-up announced (see flyer), this can't be anything but HUGE !!!

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