This is Ivy League

this+is+ivy+leagueThis is Ivy League : S/T (Twentyseven Records)

For no particular reason, I'm sometimes getting undisposed to listen to some new stuff for a long period of time and I have to admit I've been into this kind of mood lately. It's been weeks since my last purchasing fever on a mailorder !

So to my great astonishement I found this "This is Ivy League" album in my mailbox recently and it was not any label promo stuff but a real order I made...more than 2 months ago !!! I must start suffering from some kind of senility cos' it completely slipped my mind. And, far more motivating than the Sales season,  this debut album from the quite hip Brooklyn duo is just the thing I needed to enter into a purchasing  fever again.

Difficult indeed not to be dazzled by this pop perfection, flirting with the low-key purity of early Ben Watt stuff - think North Marine Drive- and Modesty Blaise's lush harmonies, just proving that the lovely "London Bridges"2006 single was not a one-shot wonder...

=> This is Ivy league : "A Summer Chill"


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