Hideki Spaghetti


Hideki Spaghetti (Siesta)

On one side, Jez Butler. Firstly the man behind the seminal The Groove Farm, a band wrongly tagged C86 (because once on the legendary Subway Organisation) that was more into the punk/surf spirit. Secondly the man behind several out-of-time projects (on if...& Siesta Records) that lightened up my life, like "Death by Chocolate" and "Songs for the Jet Set", to name but a few. To say it in brief, Jez Butler is a semi-god.

On the other side, Hideki Kaji. Firstly the guru of Shibuya-kei, writer of the wonderful act Chocolat, who also collaborated with Neil & Iraiza, Cubismo Grafico, Yukari Fresh or...Sarah Cracknell. Secondly an exceptional songwriter for himself, far more melodic and easy-listenable than Cornelius, far more buzzing. To put it in a nutshell : Hideki Kaji is a semi-god. 

So, can we expect a miracle when 2 semi-gods are collaborating with each other ? A sort of, yes : this could be best described as a panoramic musical fresco, having an indubitable continuity with Jez Butler's works on Siesta with the Hideki Kaji special touch, ranging from happy lounge to cheerful sunshine pop. An inspired magnum opus !!!

=> "Over the Hill with her stick Legs"


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Great song (Like the High Llamas stuff) by two artists I didn't know.

Écrit par : Jerom | 25/08/2008

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