Anoraak : Nightdrive with you EP (Endless Summer Recordings)

After College and Minitel Rose, this is another fresh release from the stunning Valerie Collective.

I heard about Anoraak for the first time some 6 months ago thanks to the great Discodust website that exclusively made the 2 first songs of this EP "Nightdrive with you" and the wonderful "NERD" available to the world.

Since then it's been a long wait for this debut release which is exclusively available through Rough Trade shops as a "1000 numbered copies only" pressing. Amazing result as expected, a synth pop mix between Miami Vice Theme, Junior Boys, Le Sport, Stock/Aitken/Waterman and Lo-Fi-Fnk. Hurry up !!

=> "Waiting for your Phone Call"


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Dear Sirs: You have a beautiful site. Thank you so much! You are wonderful :)


Écrit par : K. | 10/09/2008

Great site! I wish you could put links to the graphics on the left, the album covers are fascinating, and I wish I knew what they were!

Écrit par : michael | 12/09/2008

Great idea ! I'll do that ! Give me some time...

Écrit par : J-M | 13/09/2008

I see you're working on it! Merci bien!!

Écrit par : michael | 15/09/2008

Hey beige channel, the cover has been made by the Zonders. You can find them on myspace : www.myspace.com/thezonders

Écrit par : mina | 16/09/2008

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