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Mazy Fields : Where sunshine’s sold (Firestation - 2008)

 Where sunshine’s sold is Mazy Fields’ debut album (these five Frankfurt boys are no debutants though). It has an umbrella on the cover and a lot of sun inside. It’s about… love – candy crushes and ventricular crashes. What it does to you. What you do to me. Christoph, the singer, has this loud, invading voice – a rolling thunder of shaking words. However melodious they are, Mazy Fields quite unexpectedly remind me of the 101’ers, the bunch of chaotic cavemen Joe Strummer once fronted. Mazy Fields are not in the least way rioters. There’s a future for them, still they have no time to lose and quickly hit the chords. They know where they’re going. Either you say yes or you say no. Either we do it or we don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. It’s much simpler than us and much simpler than life. Call it pop and get me a cloudy lemonade.

 Mazy Fields leave no gap, no room, no interstice if only because they occupy the whole space with warm sounds, happy clapping and gentle tones. Their catchy nonchalance is sometimes reminiscent of Belle And Sebastian’s later baroque moods (‘If socialism’s right’).

 Mazy Fields are sunny. Don’t take the word for granted. It no longer means anything with the lights off. Play them after midnight and they’ll strike you as a much introspective band. ‘A clown to beat’ has a Pastellian touch to it and takes you back to the shy, beautiful beginnings of indiepop – or is it love? The first step is the only step. Hello. Goodbye.  It all goes pop in the end, and this is where we want to be. Forever!

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