Liechtenstein : Apathy 7" (Fraction discs)

The initial parallel between Liechtenstein and C86 girl-fronted bands like The Primitives or The Shop Assistants, on the basis of their first single "Stalking Stills", has been swept away in my mind when I first heard their stunning Misfits cover of "Universal Appeal" last year.

Apparently, if you get the chance to pick them up live, they even make a cover of the wonderful Clothilde's "Saperlipopette", a top notch yéyé tune...  

And this brand new second 7"single  is another step towards pop perfection...  A-side "Apathy" will bring you to a high emotional level, lazy, minimal and innocent like the Marine Girls. Short B-side "Security by Design" is as haunting as if Arthur Lee was putting a spell on The Feminine Complex... WOW !


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Nice, isn't it? I'd LOVE to see them live one day.

Écrit par : Dennis | 23/09/2008

Oooh yeah I'd love to as well ! And of course you HAVE TO BE AFRAID of spams Dennis ! Take care !

Écrit par : J-M | 23/09/2008

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