Lostmusic night 26/09/08

Melting Ice Caps / Cocoanut Groove  LIVE in London 26/09/08 

DSCI1146 Friday night at the Enterprise in Camden. The downstairs pub is heaving with people spending the first hours of their well-deserved weekend boozing away with bad rock music blaring away in the background, oblivious that beauty is about to be passing through the small upstairs room.

 I knew Cocoanut Groove would be great (how could he, for tonight was effectively a Olov solo gig, fail to be with songs as gorgeous as the ones which are going to be on that long-delayed fantastic debut album), but I wasn't quite prepared for the brilliance of the Melting Ice Caps. The name had fleetingly caught my attention not so long ago, but I'd not given much attention to the actual music. My loss, for the short "karaoke" type gig (singer + cd player + tambourine) we witnessed tonight was full of utterly brilliant songs. David Shah (for he is the Melting Ice Caps) commanded the stage like a cross between a young Marc Almond and Jarvis Cocker and was utterly compelling to watch.

 The music flitted between early Soft Cell-esque electropop and more orchestral bits recalling early Divine Comedy and fitted the witty and touching lyrics like a glove. "Hard to get" with it's lovelorn overtones (about seeing the one you used to love and have broken up with in other people's faces and in unexpected places) was an early highlight, but really each and every song was a winner. Set closer "selfish bachelor", which is going to be a free download single soon apparently, could have been written especially for and about me (I'd wish!).

As for Cocoanut Groove, what can I say. You'd think Olov and his acoustic guitar would have had a bit of a fight to get over the thumping party noise which came from the downstairs pub, but really from the first note those songs managed to have me transfixed (and I'm sure I was not the only one of us happy few who were there), transporting me from an upstairs room in a Camden pub to a dream of a long lost summer, sun dappled meadows full of wild flowers, a clearing in a dark wood where wild strawberries grow...Olov looks like the young hero from one of those old Swedish youth novels and sings with the voice of an angel.

 And if there is a better new songwriter out there at the moment I'll gladly eat my shoe. It was a short set, but he managed to fit in two songs which aren't even going to be on the debut album. One of them about a park in Stockholm, sounding like a near cousin to "in Gunnersbury Park" by the Hitparade (a particular favourite of Olov), being an absolute highlight. All of you who were not there to witness Cocoanut Groove's debut London show, shame on you! I bet in a few years time you will all pretend to have been there !

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