Shrag by Shrag (wiaiwya)

Several great 7"singles delivered in 2 years time and here is the spanking new debut album from Brighton's finest cream pop combo Shrag, almost sounding like a greatest hits album.

Their music will not turn pop chapters upside-down but listening to those 12 songs in a straight row will definitely reboost your neurones,  and the dirty touch of Woodie Taylor (Comet Gain, Love is All...) at the mix would only be a sketchy explanation for this...

From the convultion and off-key narration of The Fall (Lost Dog, Cupboard Love ) to the henhanced mixed pop of Bis (Forty Five 45s, Hopelessly Wasted)  and the dead-pan choirs of Love is All (Long Term Monster, Mark E. Smith), Shrag combines all the ingredients that could soon turn the ephemeral flower into eternal fragrance...

=> Get it at Rough Trade Shops

=> Shrag : "Pregnancy Scene"


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