Incredible Weapons


Incredible Weapons : s/t (Autoreleased)

 Incredible Weapons is a one-boy band. Danny started it himself, with a little help from his drumming flatmate and his drawing friend Alex Hornsby (nice artwork!).  

 It all happened halfway between the kitchen and the living-room in an English house. There was water boiling in the kettle and a girl you may fancy a bit was sitting there. It was just a few months ago. Or maybe… maybe I’m telling you a sub-story. You still know what I mean. It happened.

 Danny’s recordings are perfectly situated – in space and time. These five songs directly speak to you. They’re not awkward Xerox copies of anything felt or sung before – no… it is the new, pristine, direct thing. Not the borrowed feeling, not the memories. They’re rather classical pop songs still something else actually happens: there is someone out there. Everything is beautifully mastered, from the guitar playing to the singing.  

 This EP may actually be one of the prettiest demo recordings I ever heard, alongside Tales Of Jenny’s Ferg Sessions (2006). It’s gentle, caressing music à la Goky’s Zygotic Mynci. Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes it goes further (‘Solipsister’, ‘Anna With Stripes’): it’s power and it’s pop. Ever fallen for Ben Kweller? ‘Solipsister’ is a hit. It begs to be played and played again. It begs to be danced to. It’s racing through the room through your heart. It’s truly candid ear-candy. Danny speaks for real. He sings for real. He means it. He means everything, and everything else. What about you?

 It’s like falling in love and pretending you can help it. You poured the girl a cup of tea and she said, ‘Fine’.


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