Papillons Noirs


Some of you might know this great Serge Gainsbourg tune called "Les papillons noirs", sung in 1966 in duet with legendary intellectual french demoiselle Michèle Arnaud, and later reworked with Serge himself by French powerpop outfit Bijou in 1978...Dark -black- thoughts, melancholic mood...

Papillons Noirs is now the name of a brand new London/Belfast based 7" inch label and the link with abovementionned song is not purely coincidence...

The label is run by Colm McCrory, also known from the seminal Language of Flowers (RIP) and now involved in his new Manchester project Help Stamp Out Loneliness.

The debut release of the label is a transcendental reprise of Air's "Cherry Blossom Girl" by Chicago romantic wonderboy Fireflies and next releases will include "Ebay watchlist" from Swedish superwoman Komon plus new stuff from HSOL and Cloetta Paris !

So watch out for Papillons Noirs next dispatches, all valuable promises of harmonies for your ears, for your heart...

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