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sopPurple Submarine Orchestra : Acapulco EP (Martyrs of Pop)

Welcome to the fantastic world of Martyrs of Pop, a world of rainbows and candy sugar. Your host for this journey will be French music aesthete Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe, producer, journalist, pop entertainer and now Martyrs of Pop mogul...

In the long tradition of French orchestral pop à la Louis Philippe, here comes at last the second audio release from the newly founded multimedia label, with this classy 7" by parisian duo Purple Submarine Orchestra.

Mathieu and Nicolas are not totally unknown to pop lovers as they used to be in the band Fantastic! , initiator of several cult easy-bossa-guitarpop-inspired EP's on Siesta and Les Disques Aquatiques some ten years ago... Songs like "Brian Wilson" or "Starfield" deserve a sunny place in the POP Pantheon and I'd wish there is somebody keen enough to release a Fantastic! retrospective CD one day soon !

As for the Acapulco EP, the duo remains true to its unique style, somewhere in between Cardinal's sophistication and Paul Williams ease (think The Love Boat). The great bossa-driven "Cha Cha Cha", is liven up by chords, flute and a charming frenglish! -, "Rain" with its initial sense of intimacy literally finishes with God's favor in its last minute, "En Route" with its ta ta la ta harmonies reminds a lot of early Orwell stuff, finally "Theme from Acapulco" closes the ball perfectly with its glockenspiel and its nonchalant gimmick. It is to be noted that "Le Ciel blanc de Pigalle", a song that wouldn't have denoted on several early 70's French movies, will be released soon too on a Martyrs of Pop compilation along with songs from Louis Philippe, Bertrand Burgalat, April March,...! But for the time being, let's go to Acapulco have a spring break in the winter !!! 

Acapulco EP, officially out on December 5th => Preorder HERE !!!!


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I have taken the liberty to make their retrospective CD by myself.Ha ha ha!
I love their music.

Écrit par : nt | 12/11/2008

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