Moderne : Indicatif 7" (Arabella 1980)

A. Indicatif

B. Vers l'Est

French synth-wave band Moderne has only released 2 albums in its short-lifetime. "Indicatif" is the only 7" single released from their selftitled 1980 debut album, my favourite one, more minimalist, more gentle and straightforward than the 2nd album "L'espionne aimait la musique".

Both albums were released on the famous Arabella label, also home of M, Lio, Buzy, Lili Drop... Bernard Guimond's voice on the debut essay is also softer and smoother than Dominique Marchetti's novö-styled tone on the second. As some might hear it, the mix has been done in Düsseldorf by Joschko Rudas, the man behind Kraftwerk's "Man Machine"...case made !!


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On sautille ! Aigre à souhait...


Écrit par : Le SoT | 05/12/2008

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