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Paddington Distortion Combo "frän hat till handling" CDr (Self released)

Those of you who think Swedish indiepop is all about fluffy, dare I say twee, Sarah records loving bands, think again !The diversity of great new Swedish POP shouldn't be underestimated and just to prove my point here is Paddington Distortion Combo. Theirs (or his, as PDC is basically Carl Olsson) is an old school electro sound in the vein of early Kraftwerk or the Human League when they were still The Future (pun intended!).

Paddington Distortion Combo songs glisten like dark crystals: always the sense of foreboding is sweetened by a supreme sense of melody. The album "fran hat till handling" (of which there are sadly only 100 copies) opens with "industrial skyline", an electronic waltz to rival Kraftwerk's "neon lights". The more up tempo, almost rave-like synth melody of "Lilja 4-ever" hides a dark heart (no wonder when you know the movie after which it is named is just about the most heartbreakingly bleak movie ever)

Another song "allt är förbi" begins with a long piercing Throbbing Gristle like intro only to suddenly change track and pick out one of the loveliest synth motifs on the album, like finding a multicoloured flower in a desolate dark industrial estate. The title track "frän hat till handling" gurgles like an electronic waterfall, while another track "minnen hem & fran" is a Cabaret Voltaire like mantra, repeating the words "memories from home" over and over again. "Let's create a new world" could be prime time Warp records (think LFO) with it's stomping techo like undertow.The album closes with the crystaline melody of "ship" which adds some guitar and creates an almost Japanese ambience.

There's no doubt that "fran hat till handling" is one of the finest electronic sounds of the year.

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Love PDC!

Écrit par : Nopey | 03/01/2009

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