It's not an error, It's Le Couleur


Le Couleur : Petit piano électrique (Self-released)

Sometimes, discovering a new band name or an artwork is sufficient to perceive it could be great stuff. And, when you get both of these clues, you're almost sure you're not wrong...You call this in french "Un a priori positif". No need to traduce it, huh.

Once you read it is produced by your fave francophone artist (!), Xavier Paradis aka Automelodi, you just know you will be conquered, without having heard a single note of it. You say in french "C'est dans la poche!", "It's in the bag", well yeah it directly was !!

This debut EP by Montrealese quartet Le Couleur is everything we cherish indeed, from synth pop ritornellos "petit piano électrique" to nymphet melody "deux et 2", to modern waltz "Bonaventure" to metronomico-electrico minuet "Concerto Rock" to  polysonic yé-yé-disco tune "Africola", all of this galvanized by Laurence Giroux-Do' s unperfect voice (in the sense of perfect, of course). Miam miam.

=> Get the EP HERE       => Le couleur : "africola"


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