The Candees


The Candees - Candyfloss LP(Unreleased 1986 - Issued Accident Records 1997)

Yummy yummy yummy supersweetened pop was not the kind of music targeted for 80's kids, and it's no surprise that this 1986 demo release  from all-girl combo The Candees remained hidden in the suburbs of hell for more than a decade, being only fully released by those treasure seekers at Accident Records in 1997 !

At the exception of several acts like The Jet Set, Mari Wilson or The Maisonettes or a record label like The Dance Network,  happy bubblegum immediacy was not quite hip on those dark and depressed times indeed...

In effect, behind this "manufactured" girl group ( no no no, not the 4 sixties' chicks pictured on the cover) we found Paul Bultitude (Advertising, Secret Affair & Dance Network  producer) with the help of Jet Set's multi-talented songwriter & incidentally pop genious Paul Bevoir, mysteriously credited on the LP as C. Stephens...Contrived innocence, yearning for love, childlike themes and catchy melodies, this is music for pop lovers who never grew up !!!

Soon to be released on CD on Accident Records

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too many candees bad for your teeth!
thanks mr jean-michel

Écrit par : grandpa candee | 16/01/2009

great !
her voice sounds a bit like anthony adverse

Écrit par : bebete | 18/01/2009

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