Klaus & Kinski


Klaus & Kinski : "tu hoguera està ardiendo" (Jabalina Musica)

"Your bonfire is burning". With such a debut title and such a mysterious actor nickname, spanish band Klaus & Kinski is revealing itself inside a smoke-screen.

And the content is cast in the same undefined mould. From classic guitar indie and shoegazer-type songs you are quickly dropped into soft pop (think Margo Guryan), acoustico synthpop or galactic boleros (think Ana D).

Klaus & Kinski tends to spread an overall ethereal and hazy feeling, wrapped-up with Marina girlie-pop voice, new attractive bits  being uncovered after each and every listening. A very strong release again by Jabalina.

=> "Nunca estas a la altura"


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Écrit par : god nom | 07/02/2009

One of my favorite album of recent times!

"Sintingo o sin ti" as the last song, is so well placed. A slow rising into a pure sky.

Écrit par : Eric | 08/02/2009

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