Aujourd'hui Madame @ Susy Records


Aujourd'hui Madame : El Americano EP (Susy Records)

After Cloudberry, Weepop! and Edition 59, here's a brand new 3" CD label hailing this time from Peru and run by a young POP lover called Pancho ! Releases include Desmond Reed, PaddlePOP (a funny band from Singapore) and... Aujourd'hui Madame.

After his "Italian cassette", and despite being dropped in the middle of nowhere (US countryside), french POP aesthete Philippe Lavergne has indeed succeeded in quickly releasing some new material in Paris with his fellow bandmates (a new album is also ready) in the purest "Aujourd'hui Madame" style : heavy Fenders at the service of a heavy POP sensibility with heavy french ingredients on top.

The EP starts gently with the Rivers Cuomo-esque "Faux-semblants" and its realistico-naïve french lyrics, then follows up with the charming "Before You leave me" and its rhythmed guitar reverbs, continues with "Une saison Particulière" as if Fugu was having a session with Peter Buck, then finishes by giving Joy Division's "Atmosphere" a new POP dimension. Welcome back Mr Lavergne !!


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