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Charlie Big Time : The tall Storeys of... (Series Two

Charlie Big Time’s 3” EP “A bit of Charlie”, released back in 2007, was one of the few Cloudberry releases that drove me really nuts, and I then completely filtered the Bolton duo out of my mind until very recently while checking the Series Two rapidly inflating catalogue…

Despite a perfectible production, the 11 gems from their debut album “The Tall Storeys of…” are setting up the nearly-perfect imaginary soundtrack of a black & white early 80’s  holiday home movie, built of a Mc Lennan/Forster-like subtle songwriting framework and a Split Enz-esque vocal harmonies outline…

As for live appearances, Charlie Big Time will be playing a few acoustic shows later in the year to coincide with a new EP and a new album but that’s another story…

For the time being, order the album immediately HERE, open your heart and enjoy!!!

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