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Mr Wright : Diary of a Fool (Series Two)

As time goes by, we all have new stories to tell. And as long as the pendulum clock keeps ticking, there must be music to come in phase with the beat...

From his debut masterpiece "Thames Valley Leather Club" on the legendary él Records to his latest solo accomplishment "Metropolitan" on Siesta, Kevin Wright has been casually and wryly flying over pop trends for more than 20 years. And more than ever, he still knows how to get his timeless pop and elegiac feelings accross. Most recent projects like "The Dreamers" or "The Party and the Guests" are there to testify it adequately.

On his first ever release, "Late Again", a very obscure 7" from 1984, a personal liner note : "There are some songs which perhaps don't really adhere to the pop structure, and are more concerned with a kind of emotion, a point of view, rather than attacking the mass market. A personal point - but that's not to say that there's no humour. Some impressions:a small English town at night, wet, glistening streets, giggling schoolgirls and hedonistic lads. Also, disappointment, perhaps always...". Straight to the point.

"Diary of a Fool", to be released this March 31st, will be Mr Wright's ultimate album. And still, those point of views and impressions, turned into feelings...gambler in an old-fashioned mixed duet "Band Apart", lonely in a jangly "Tomorrow not Today", magician in a cinematico-retro "Diary of a Fool", untouchable in a baroque "The Arrows", lost in a modern "Desert of Love" tango, nostalgic in a very poppy "I wish I had a Girl like you", dreamer in a fully orchestrated "Look at the stars" - in duet with Bid-, hopeful in classic ballad "Don't look back", annihilated in a "Civilization" guitar wall, and...head-over-heels on the undressed "My true Love".

A brilliant testament !!! Order it HERE


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I have never heard of him but he's been making elegant pop music for over two decades? He sounds like the sort of musician who would have been covered in Chickfactor but I still have not read of him. The song you've included here sounds fantastic. Wow! Thank you for the tip.

Écrit par : jennifer | 25/03/2009

I also like this song though haven't heard much of Mr.Wright before. He is a real talent and that's for sure

Écrit par : MHunter | 15/07/2010

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Écrit par : orkut | 27/09/2010

Sounds like the kind of musician who was allegedly approached by the Chickfactor but I have not read it. The song included here sounds fantastic. Wow! Thanks for the tip.

Écrit par : birthday sms | 01/10/2010

I have never heard of him but he's been making elegant pop music for over two decades? He sounds like the sort of musician who would have been covered

Écrit par : good night sms | 01/10/2010

Great site here. So many blogs like this cover subjects that just aren't covered by magazines. I don't know how we got on 10 years ago with just magazines and newspapers.

Écrit par : Bordell | 15/04/2011

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