The Wendy Darlings


The Wendy Darlings : We come with friendly Purposes (LostMusic Records)

Can't think of another French band sounding like this before...

Hailing from Clermont-Ferrand, The Wendy Darlings go for a basic trio formula with some sense of fuzz-pop guitar mangling, tempered (or not) by Saddam Suzy's gentle (or not)voice, reminiscent of those post-shoegaze noise-pop UK bands that partly saved music from Britpop boredom in the mid 90's (think Prolapse), all of this topped with some floating C-86 intoxicating triviality...

This is the ultimate release by Lostmusic Records who sadly announced the end of their activities recently. Who believes this ?

=> The Wendy Darlings : "My Friend Ray"


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