Doggy : Mon colonel CDEP (Anorak Records)

The golden age of French Anorak Pop circa 1992-1996 is engraved  somewhere deep in our hearts and seminal names like Des garçons ordinaires, Les Freluquets, Les Chaplinn's or Les Poissons Solubles have now officially been declared national lost treasures.

Amongst those once legendary indie labels like Cornflakes Zoo, Alienor or Rosebud, Anorak Records has resurfaced from that revolved period without losing its initial spirit, being now integrally part of those new generation labels, releasing CDR's from pop bands all over the world, mainly discovered through Myspace.

Guillaume Bassard, Doggy's frontman, formerly of the fabulous Caramel, was the soul behind this resurrection -back in 2003- firstly intended for the release of Doggy's debut album "Des stars dans tous les bus", literally "Stars in every bus" , a quite promising opus, made of jangly guitars, some strings too!, and even ...some english words ! 

Six years later, with this brand new EP, the bus has become an airplane, quicker, bigger, safer, with an aerodynamical deluxe fuselage. Initial double propulsion is ensured by "Mon Colonel" and the well-known "Les petits parcours", both straightforward clap-along hits. The flight in itself is delightfuly running after Caramel footsteps with a bit of Arnold Turboust in the back, testimony of insouciance and generosity. The landing is the crown achievement of the voyage, with "Les jours de transition" and "Paris 2012", confirming that Guillaume's songwriting skills can reach stratosphere upper regions..."Je prends de l'altitude par rapport à la pelouse"...

Buy the EP HERE and put your player to "Automatic pilot"...


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j'adhère à 100%! Très bel article Monsieur Pop'n Cherries.
Un colonel comme Guillaume, on le suit volontiers dans n'importe quel raid aérien ;-) Quel disque!!!

Écrit par : chica banana | 08/04/2009

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