The Existentialists


The Existentialists : All the Polka dot Bandits EP (Topplers Records)

The Existentialists is a one-man band hailing from Toulouse France, and nothing in this newly-UK-released debut EP is giving any bloody clue about it !!

With its freewheeling and sweety-quirky autonomy, Jimmy's music obviously  let us think of all those 60's psychedelia & mod outfits (think The Action, The Small Faces, The Creation...), with a hint of TVP's-inspired impulses and a surge of Half Japanese's DIY preciosity.

Organs, girly-poppy voices, John Wayne hommage, garage rock, hamonica, Dean Treacy obsession and Andy Warhol ghost, all wrapped in a harmonious unison, everything here makes this EP a golden smash wonder !!! Full length to follow soon.

Buy it HERE for 1£ only and get a free comp added !!!

=> The Existentialists : "Pop Art Blues"


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