Compute : This (Distortion Girl)

Listening to Ulrika Mild and her music machines, aka Compute, on her freshly released debut album might reveal some striking similarities with lending an ear at Sarah Assbring (El Perro del Mar)  singing some good old Vince Clarke-penned tunes (especially Yazoo ones) ! This statement could severely frighten some of you, but actually you better not plug up your ears.

Both Sarah and Ulrika are from Göteborg, both collaborated with Jens Lekman in the past and both have the uncannily same voice grain...but comparison does not necessarily end at this point.

Besides the first sight clinicallity and coldness of those 9 synthpop pieces, there's also a deep background melancholy and delicacy indeed. This proves furthermore that Ulrika Mild is not only a good audio-master or musician but also a very brainy singer-songwriter ! UNDERBAR !!!

=> stream her songs HERE and then BUY them HERE

=> Compute : "Rushing, slowing down"



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