Compute : This (Distortion Girl)

Listening to Ulrika Mild and her music machines, aka Compute, on her freshly released debut album might reveal some striking similarities with lending an ear at Sarah Assbring (El Perro del Mar)  singing some good old Vince Clarke-penned tunes (especially Yazoo ones) ! This statement could severely frighten some of you, but actually you better not plug up your ears.

Both Sarah and Ulrika are from Göteborg, both collaborated with Jens Lekman in the past and both have the uncannily same voice grain...but comparison does not necessarily end at this point.

Besides the first sight clinicallity and coldness of those 9 synthpop pieces, there's also a deep background melancholy and delicacy indeed. This proves furthermore that Ulrika Mild is not only a good audio-master or musician but also a very brainy singer-songwriter ! UNDERBAR !!!

=> stream her songs HERE and then BUY them HERE

=> Compute : "Rushing, slowing down"



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The Wild Swans


The Wild Swans : English Electric Lightning 7" (Occultation)

After releasing one of the best 12" of all time (Revolutionnary Spirit / God Forbid on Zoo Records back in 1982) you can't do anything but fall down from your cult status pedestal (their comeback circa 88-90)

Well, fuck no, after two decades of silence, The Wild Swans are back again with this epic 7" and I just love it ! Album to follow !!

=> BUY !


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Martin Dupont


Martin Dupont : Full Discography reedited on CD (Infrastition)

More than 2 decades after their 3 cult albums released from 1984 to 1987 (Just Because, Sleep is a Luxury & Hot Paradox), French band Martin Dupont ( Alain + Brigitte + Beverley from Marseille)  has become a true myth amongst a few "wave" afficionados & other music fans. 

With its introspective lyrics and haunting instrumelos,  the band is not just another great French coldwave outfit of its time...their music has got that touch of cerebrality (see NYC postpunk scene) and that sort of "ambition" that, to my eyes, makes them surpass the likes of KaS Product and Charles de Goal...

Resurrected several years ago by Veronika of Minimal Wave with the "Lost & Late" vynil compilation & on the funny RVB transfert DVD compilation with the re-actualized "It's so" video, it was about time to finally release their entire catalog on CD with loads of bonus tracks !!! You can order them HERE directly from French label Infrastition !!!

=> Martin Dupont : "It's So"


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Two if by Sea


Two if by Sea

When Teresa meets Lisle, it's like dreaming the impossible dream. Time is frozen and nature is still. The miracle of the instant. The strength and the fragility of the human being gathered into the sound of the music.

Bart & Kerrie, Lupe & Mark, Rose & Jen, here they come !





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The Existentialists


The Existentialists : All the Polka dot Bandits EP (Topplers Records)

The Existentialists is a one-man band hailing from Toulouse France, and nothing in this newly-UK-released debut EP is giving any bloody clue about it !!

With its freewheeling and sweety-quirky autonomy, Jimmy's music obviously  let us think of all those 60's psychedelia & mod outfits (think The Action, The Small Faces, The Creation...), with a hint of TVP's-inspired impulses and a surge of Half Japanese's DIY preciosity.

Organs, girly-poppy voices, John Wayne hommage, garage rock, hamonica, Dean Treacy obsession and Andy Warhol ghost, all wrapped in a harmonious unison, everything here makes this EP a golden smash wonder !!! Full length to follow soon.

Buy it HERE for 1£ only and get a free comp added !!!

=> The Existentialists : "Pop Art Blues"


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