The Dreamers

The Dreamers : "Någon Annan"+"My Stupid Heart"  mp3 single (Friendly Noise)

Unexpected news to see the anglo-swedish duo The Dreamers (Kevin Wright aka Mr Wright + Sarah Nyberg Pergament aka Action Biker) back with those two songs, another contribution to the Friendly Noise faultless multi-format hard/soft catalog.

On the low-key “Någon Annan” (Someone else), their first song in Swedish (!), they achieve their most obsessive and persisting  loop chorus ever. As for the other title, "My Stupid Heart", it is another breathtaking piece of K. Wright's sweet & sour way of imaginary life sung by an angel... 

Furthermore, this gives hope again to see the duo release something new in the -not too far- future...

Here's the LINK for free download of the 2 songs.


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