Moustache of Insanity


Moustache of Insanity : S/T (WeePOP!)

When 2 funny guys from London, Bill & Nick, are dressing up  on stage with angel wings and several headgears, this prima facie reminds us the catchiness of those 2 Flemion brothers  aka The Frogs more than 20 years back.

But no glam rock satirical tunes here, just tiny homemade cheerful and unpretentious anti-songs, furnished with bits and pieces, in the pure weePOP! tradition.

=> Moustache of Insanity : "Click"


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ce génial "click" qui semble droit sorti de la clique Apples in stereo, ou le brillant "click click click click" des Bishop Allen, c'est quand même mieux que le "click click click" des New Kids On the Block. Ya pas photo.

Écrit par : chica banana | 11/06/2009

Tried to download the link but it's down.. Do you have another url ?

Écrit par : Helena | 19/12/2009

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