Strawberry Machine


Strawberry Machine : Girl Friend (abcdefg* Records - Japan)

Abcdefg* Records, based in Nagoya Japan, has been one of the few indiepop Japanese record labels, along with Quince, that could easily pass the millenium without any hitch. This is mainly due to label's moguls Sayuri and Masahiro's  efficient taste and clairvoyance.

When I hear their catalog jewel Akira Okabe (aka Strawberry Machine) on her newly released album "Girl Friend",  I can't do anything but melt with delight like a vanilla ice-cream, take back my old-too small- Strawberry Machine T-shirt and try to figure out it could fit on me. Everybody should know L size in Europe is the equivalent of XXL size in Japan...

Enclosed in this -Small-size- clothed pink (or green like mine) jacket, the fresh opus is indeed a pure effervescence of electropop bliss sung in English with a very "rising sun" feeling, t.i.t.s humble, sweet and innocent.

It must also be noted the label recently released a cute indiepop comp mixing guitar- and electropop stuff from all over the world, featuring Hari and Aino, Sweet Sweet Concorde, Bedroom Eyes, Oliver North Boy Choir and many more...It is coming with the very first issue of a maga-fan-zine called Merci Magazine Volume 001... You can check the Youtube trailer HERE.

Strawberry Machine : "Like a Bird"


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Salut J-M,

Mieux vaut tard que jamais, je t'avais parlé d'un blog proposant quelques mix de jpop à télécharger. Plus très mis à jour, mais bon..

Le blog : http://kiramekipop.blogspot.com

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