Les Cox (Sportifs)


Les Cox (Sportifs) – Never Heed (Stop Looking Records)


Dresden. It was centuries since I had not seen a song, let alone a city, burning like this.  It was centuries since nothing had felt so heart-consuming or new.

‘All summer we were singing/If bombs were love/Then you can call me Dresden.’


And every second of it was heat and haze and electricity and light. It was happening. It was happening to you.


Les Cox (Sportifs) are alive and insolently modern (the way the Lovers are). They won’t stay and they won’t wait. Three Northern boys with a funny name. The singer, Chris Rollen, is carelessly crooning the days away. Les Cox have… half a drumkit, and a full heart, deadpan detachment, tension and tenderness, basslines like a lovely, blissful fever.

Chris’ voice is slightly bigger than him – larger and louder. Les Cox are action poets! Let’s go, let’s see where the party ends. Let’s pretend we can run into the depth of summer nights until we trip until we die of stubborn excitement and holiday romance. And fun.


You drew a map of the universe on the back of my hand - When I looked I realised you had put only one name on the map - A name you had written one thousand times in shaky felt-tip letters – It said Dresden Dresden Dresden – And it was scribbled all over my skin.


Every song Les Cox made contains as much flesh, as much space as Dresden. Every of their song is a page torn off the secret atlas of raw tenderness.

You know they can take you anywhere. You know there is no way back.  


Are you lost yet?


=> Les Cox (Sportifs) : "Dresden"


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