Never dreamed Night Freeze Sandwich


"Never dreamed Night Freeze Sandwich" compilation (La bulle sonore)

You know this feeling when you come back from long dreamy holidays and you have to make a rude awakening to reality.

Well, this is precisely the CD  I needed to find  on my mailbox to make this hard landing much much more easy !!!

NDNFS is a model of how an international shining POP compilation needs to be, the perfect balance between old and new stuff, between electro- and guitarpop, between rowdy tunes and trippy ones, between unreleased songs and lost treasures, between funny gems and dark ones, with absolutely NO WEAK POINT...

Personal faves : "Pure", a wonderful Lightning Seeds dancey reprise by Marsheaux ;"Palais d'amour", one of the classics from German wave outfit Bal Paré; "Les garçons invisibles", an unreleased mysterious tune by french band Fiendish Fib; "Queen of the Popular crowd" by Exploding Schoolgirls (the guy from Paper Hat Records) ; a great new demo by Dondolo called "Shimera"; the cult single "Troublez-moi ce soir" by French ephemerous project Clap Machine (written by Daniel Darc) ; "Summer Smash" the long lost Denim 1997 single ; "Une rêve", a fantastic progressive electro-minimal gem by spanish outfit Ruth Uve ; "Haut Gay" by belgian post-electronicorock talents De Portables...

A MUST HAVE for all POP lovers and alternative disc spinners !!! Get it HERE !!!


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Awesome indie sound.. Absolutely love it !

Écrit par : Helena | 19/12/2009

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